If I order today when will my order be delivered?

Our regular processing time is 1-3 business days, and we ship every Tuesday and Thursday

Estimated delivery time is 2-8 business days.

United States:
Estimated delivery time for Standard shipping is 3-6 business days.

Please Note: These estimates are provided by Canada Post and USPS, and once parcels leave our hands we have no control over them.

Do you offer a proof before I order?

By default we do not send proofs for our regular products.
What you see in the listing images will be how it will look when you receive it.

Purchasers of custom products will be sent a proof if we: create a new design, use a customer provided image, or, if we make extensive changes to one of our designs that have been requested by the customer.

How much is it to have a custom order made?

All custom orders are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Contact Us for an estimate.

Am I able to change the shipping address on my order?

As it is linked to the secure payment system's tracking the address cannot be changed once your order has been submitted.

If you need to have your order sent to a new address simply re-purchase the item(s) with the correct address, and then Contact Us to cancel the original order.

Note: If your order has already been shipped the address can unfortunately no longer be changed.

My Order is late arriving. What should I do?

If your order doesn’t arrive by the shipper’s estimated time, please check your tracking information. The parcel is most likely just delayed within the postal service.

Please note, we do not issue refunds for late delivery of orders as the delivery time estimates provided are not guaranteed and once a parcel leaves our hands we have no control over it.

If your package is CONSIDERABLY late, please Contact Us and we will check with our shipping broker to see if they have any additional information regarding it.

My tracking says my order has been delivered but I haven’t received it. What can I do?

Steps you should take to locate your package:

  1. Check that it hasn’t been put in a different place than expected.

  2. Ask family members, friends, and neighbors if they have taken it in for you.

  3. If you have a community mail box inquire to see if it has been put in another box.

  4. Contact the local post office and see if they have any information.

If you have taken the above steps and cannot locate it:

  1. File a missing package claim with your local post office.

  2. Report the theft to your local police. They will possibly need to see the Post Office claim form.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund?

Once orders are in production they cannot be cancelled.

My order arrived damaged, what should I do?

If your items(s) arrived damaged, please send us pictures of the damaged item(s) clearly showing the damage.
Also include pictures of the box it arrived in, as well as pictures of any damage to the box.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

We offer quantity discounts on orders over 15 items.
Please Contact Us with your order request, name, and full shipping address so we may calculate the total cost for you.

Can I use my own image for a custom order ?

Yes*, provided it is suitable for etching/engraving. Please Contact Us for instruction on how to send your image for approval.
If you also provide us with your name and full shipping address, we can calculate the total cost for you.

*For us to use customer provided images, the customer must have copyright permission, or be using an image that has an open license for commercial use.

May I add to my order?

Once your order has been placed we cannot add to it. However, you if place an additional order and Contact Us to let us know, we can attempt to ship your orders together.

Where can I tell you what personalization I would like?

In all our listings, where appropriate, there is a box for you to add your personalization information before adding the item to the cart.
If you have any problems, or specific questions please Contact Us.

I’ve ordered a product in the past. Can I re-order another to the exact same?

We try to maintain a consistent stock of the same items, however as there may be supply shortages, we cannot always guarantee it.

If you can’t find the same item as your previous order in our shop, please Contact Us and we will check to see if we have any in stock

My order arrived and the personalization is wrong. What should I do?

If it is our fault, we apologize and will replace it free of charge, please Contact Us

If you made an error while placing your order you will need to purchase a replacement.

Will the image rub off?

No, the image will not rub off.
Our etching/engraving process is permanent as we use either sand-carving or laser engraving for our items. We do not print or use vinyl on our glassware and insulated items.